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Boats and boat people i have met.


      Traveling far and beyond on the water you are bound to meet all kind of people and lots of them. I have met hundreds of boats and thousands of people so I have to draw the line of who I mention here somewhere. The ones I have listed here are the ones I felt I got to know a little and been invited to their boats.      

If i have forgotten someone please let me know :)

Stefan, Billy and Dominik on Berlin Express,   Press here to go to stef's homepage


Meeting this boat was a blast, Stefan is taking on crew to eventually go home to Germany. Together we went sailing to the west coast and ended up on the ultimate (for a small island) party island. On Beachkomber island we partyed for two days and just thinking about it brings a smile to my face because we had so much fun and so many crazy things happend...

Frans, Sylvia and Dylan on Moet       Press here to see Frans and Sylvias homepage


I would with this like to thank you all for all the great food and great time in Tonga and in Fiji. A special greeting to Dylan who is the coolest 2'year old i know. Also thanks to Frans for taking the time to teach me some kite-surfing  :-)

Steve and Boaty on Manta


Among all the Americans I have met Steve definitely has the best sense of humor. The only problem I have with Steve is that he has different plans than me and I am sorry to say that whenever he leaves our paths will not cross again.   Thank you for a great time in Tonga,Steve.

Dan and Brenda on Dlide: 

I first met Dan and his wife sometime in june.06 when i was quite new in Tonga but it did not take long to realize that this was good people and talking to them is always a pleasure. Since Dan refuses to retire they have to fly back and forth from Seattle to sail in Tonga but are doing it as often as possible. Ever since Joar fixed my toilet i have had this super small pump toilet that needs 70 (i conted) pumps to be emptyed. Dan and Brenda got a new one for Glide and let me have the old one, i installed it right away and are now down to ten pumps and loving it. Thank you so much for your friendship and kindness. 


Hamish and Amber on IKA ROA:

Hamish and Amber has the coolest boat i have ever seen cruising!. The catamaran are made out of wood and for it's size incredibly cheap. 42 foot of old Polynesian design combined with some new solutions and equipment does it for me, Great boat and Great people.   :-)

Phil and Paula on Quickmatch:

Finally someone with a smaller boat, hehe. Meeting Phil and Paula has been a riot and all is good. We are having a great time together and all agree that life is good... Phil was not happy with the way his country was doing and decided to stop paying tax in this place and set out on a journey with his 26 footer to find a new place to live. I think he has his mind set on NZ but who knows, he is working his way from port to port and I have no doubt that he will succeed in realizing his dream.  Phil is a cabinet maker among other things and made me new spreaders for the rig.


Michael and Family on Willow:

Great family. Decided to take a few years off to show the kids that there is more out there. Fantastic idea if you ask me, they will surely learn a lot about different cultures and traditions. Thanks for the chicken dinner and zone free software and all the good times. Lucy brought me and Phil beer in the kayak and Brennan was all smiles even after falling out of the dingy (she was even sober) while entering the bar, hehe. 


Dominique Menard and family on Mateo:

Dominique, Joelle, Florian and Sylvian was the first ones I met in Panama. The family built their catamaran, mateo at home in France themselves before they set sail. I have bumped into them on several occasions. Besides in Panama we met in the Marquesas, Tahiti, Raitea and Aitutaki. They are now heading for New Caledonia where they will put the boat on the hard to go home and work for a bit.   They have a website. Press here to see it.


Max on Manera:,     Press here to see Max's homepage

Max Midtvik is supposed to have a website but it never works, hehe. Max sailed around the world in a 96 feet wooden boat for 8 years (Vestørn)  and decided it was enough and went back to Norway. Max quickly realized that this was a major mistake and got himself a new boat. Now Max has a 36 foot aluminum boat with new engine and new sails. He is not likely to go back for other than the occasional work to keep the boat afloat.


John on Alexia:

John Stember has a website. John is an 'almost retired' fashion photographer from New York. John got tired of crowded NY and started sailing west. He ended up in Tahiti where he fell in Love with the people and the nature. If you are interested in photography take a look at his website and get his book 'Te Hine Manea' or 'Divine Feminity. Great Pictures. 


Jorge on Pelagia:

Jorge is form Spain and it is easy to see too. He is always smiling and a very very generous man. He literary found his boat on the beach and got is 'cheap'. So now he is traveling around the world to fix it up!. He has bought sails in New Zeeland and are changing the teak in Indonesia. He says he is doing this because it is 'cheaper there' but everyone including himself knows that this is just an excuse to go cruising, hehehe.   Jorge,,,  I REALLY hope we meet again, you are a great man...  

Bernard on Lutin:

I have made a whole page about this boat. Press here to see it.

Paul & Andrea on Tafadswa:

I have made a whole page about this boat. Press here to see it.

Julien on Bounty:

I have made a whole page about this boat. Press here to see it.

Bjørn on Ana K:

I have made a whole page about this boat. Press here to see it.

Bjarne on Malott:

Bjarne is Danish and everyone who knows me know what i think about the Danes. They Rock!!!. I think the Danes are the best people on earth. That being told Bjarne was no exception, he helped us with the wind vane and gave me a chain for it that i still use today. Thank you for a great time on Los Testigos and in Margarita. Good luck...

Karl Emil on Peregrin:

I have made a hole page about this boat. Press here to see it.



Boat list and Dates:

Boat's name. Met where & When Crew From
Berlin Express Fiji 07, may and june ++ Stefan, Billy and Dominik Germany, Scotland,Germany
Moet Tonga 06 to Fiji June 07 Frans sylvia & dylan Holland, England & NZ
Manta Tonga 06 to april 07 Steve and Boaty North America

Tonga june 06, Tonga Jan 07

Dan and Brenda North America
Ika Roa Tonga July to Nov 2006 Hamish and Amber New Zealand & Shetland
Quickmatch Aitutaki May06 & Tonga June06 Phil and Paula USA & Canada
Willow Bora Bora, April06, Tonga June06 Michael, Brenna & Kids New Zeeland
Mateo Panama juni05, Marquesas, Aitutaki,april06 Dominique, Joelle, Florian & Sylvian France
Pelagio Marina Tahina, Tahiti. Feb 05 Jorge Spain
Alexia Marina Tahina, Tahiti. Feb 05 John Stember British / American
Manera Trinidad, April 05 & Bora Bora06 Max Midtvik Norwegian
Tafadswa Isabella Galapagos Sept. 05 Paul & Andrea South Africa and Usa
Lutin Marina Tahina, Tahiti. Jan 05 Bernard J France
Bounty Isabella Galapagos Sept. 05 Julien Bertholet France
Ana K Trinidad, Testigos & Margarita.  April 05 Bjørn and his wife Norway
Malott Testigos & Margarita.  April 05 Bjarne Denmark
Peregrin Trinidad, April 05 Karl Emil & His dad Norway



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