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   The rewards of the journey far outweigh the risk of leaving the harbor.    --Unknown

Captain:  Kjell O. Stave    

     I hope that when this journey is over that I will know why I did it. A doctor would probably say that I am running from something but personally I think he Norwegian blood contains too much Viking and adventure-lust.

Here you will find a picture presentation of previous crewmates and guests that have visited Spetakkel...

Sabrina G.   

Date: 10 July to ?????.

Where: Fiji -> Vanutau -> ???

From: Canada (French)

Occupation: Sail instructor.

Cat and Sam.   

Date: 18 June to 20 June. 2007.

Where: Fijian islands

From: England

Occupation: Sun lickers & coffee drinkers


Date: 10 May to 17 May. 2007.

Where: Tonga to Fiji

From: All over

Occupation: Cook and nightwatchman

Matt Mulligan.   

Date: 09 April. to 10 April. 2007.

Where: Overnight sail in Tonga

From: Australia

Occupation: Beer supplier (bar owner)

Suse S.   

Date: 14 Feb. to 14 Mar. 2007.

Where: one month of sailing in Vava'u

From: Germany

Occupation: crewmate and good company

Deidre M.   

Date: 19 Nov. to 20 Nov. 2006.

Where: Port Morell, Tonga

From: Ireland

Occupation: Steering duty in 25 knots.


Date: 06 Nov. to 08 Nov. 2006.

Where: Blue Lagune, Tonga

From: New Zealand

Occupation: Sail Ripper & 'over reef driver'.


Date:  Februar 2006.

Where: Marina Taina, Tahiti

From: Norway

Occupation: Beer Buyer.

Tim Logue   

Date: December 05 to 22 Jan. 2006

Where: Tahiti

From: Canada

Occupation: Waste disposal Specialist  ;-)

Darryl Lehockey   

Date: April to Desember 2005

Where: Trinidad to Tahiti

From: Canada

Occupation: Co Captain and gourmet chef

Shelly Brennan   

Date: August & December 2005

Where: Santa Cruz to Isabella, Galapagos.

came back to join us from Tuamoto to Tahiti.

From: Australia.

Adrianna & Daniella   

Date: August 2005

Where: Santa Cruz to Isabella, Galapagos.

From: Ecuador

Occupation: First 'Maids'

Joar Kjørrefjord   

Date: July & August 2005

Where: Panama to Galapagos.

From: Norway

Occupation: Toilet Fixer Upper

Sarah & Natalie   

Date: July 2005

Where: The Panama Canal transit.

From: England and Usa

Occupation: Panama Pilot Waitresses

Daan Rijnvis   

When: May to June 2005

Where: Bonaire to Colon    From: Holland

As you can see from the picture Daan is a bit different.    :)    Daan showed us how to use the spinnaker and is a great pal. Hope to see you again sometime Daan.

Femke Von Ommen   

When: May 2005

Where: Bonaire to Aruba

From: Holland

Occupation: Rosa Drinker I

Carla Verheggen    

When: May 2005

Where: Bonaire to Aruba  

From: Holland

Occupation: Rosa Drinker II

Simen Landmark    

When: April 2005

Where: Trinidad to St. Lucia   From: Norway

Simen helped me get the boat ready and worked with me for almost two weeks before we sailed off to st. lucia. Thank you simon for all the help and sail training. 

Morten Karlson     

When: April 2005

Where: Trinidad to St. Lucia 

From: Sweden 




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