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What does Trafficated mean?


Kjell O. Stave


Questions, Spørsmål, Fragen, Pregunta.

     I am starting to get questions and are happy about it. When i was planning this trip i contacted a lot of boats with all kind's of questions and i was happy to see that they always answered so i have decided to follow up on this good tradition by answering all letter as good as i can. On this page i will post all answers. If i am wrong about something please let me know and i will correct it immediately.


    Questions and Answers. / Database for Spørsmål og svar
Nr   Question / Spørsmål   Language
1 What kind of through hulls are best?, what if one brakes? English
2 How do you clear inn and out of a port/country?. English
3 Panama Canal? Is it expensive?, What to do?  English & Norsk
4 Wind Generator, solar or both? Battery? English & Norsk
5 Budget?, Did your first year bust??  English & Norsk
6 Have you caught a lot of fish? English
7 Route Planning for crossing the Pacific English
8 How to stop Banging rigging ropes? English
9 Storm Tactics? English

Sometimes between swimming, walking around looking for parts ,bred or pretending to be working on something i have time for questions. Feel free to email me about anything and i will try to answer. 


Before i set out on this journey i literary had thousands of questions. In the end i found it impossible to answer them all and still be able to set sail within two years. I decided to stick to the main/big questions and take the small questions and challenges as they come. This turned out to be the best solution for me and i am still learning (every day). It is kind of like work. If you think too far ahead and try to solve every small eventuality you will fail youer job because you have dug yourself down too far.

Two of my solar panels. This would work significantly better if i had them on a place with no shadow but until i get a new bimini roof this is where they will have to stay. . My wind genny, Airmarine. This is the most powerfull one on the market and the one that makes the most noise. Hated by most cruisers. 

TIPS: If you have the space you can significantly reduce the noise by mounting it on the mast high up. (easy on ketch)

Kjell O. Stave


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