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  PS: Dont miss the letters from previous crew on the bottom of this page.

Travel letters / Reisebrev.

      This page contains all the travel letters that me and my crew have wrote during the cruise on S/Y Spetakkel. The letters will eventually be a diary for me but for now they are public and anyone who wants to read them are welcome.

Chapter Six:                   The End.

      The last chapter for this time. Read theletters i made from Fiji, Vanuatu and New Caledonia here..


Nr Date Heading / Tema By / Fra Language
66 11.09.07 The New Viking?... Kjell English
65 20.08.07 Vanuatu to New Caledonia Kjell English
64 29.07.07 The Trip to Vanuatu Kjell English
63 13.07.07 Some pictures Kjell English
62 07.07.07 Sailing Blows.. Kjell English
61 25.06.07 East coast to west coast of Fiji Kjell English
60 21.06.07 Tonga to Fiji Kjell English

Chapter Five:                   A year  in Tonga?.

      I planned to spend a few  months in Tonga but i ended up staying for a year.

The letters in Chapter five are all from Tonga.

Nr Date Heading / Tema By / Fra Language
59 01.05.07 Fishing, planning and private islands Kjell English
58 16.03.07 Lazy Slacker.. Kjell English
57 04.02.07 Fish and more fish Kjell English
56 24.12.06 Leo's letter to a friend. Leo English
55 23.11.06   Revolution and the end of a Kingdom? Kjell English
54 12.11.06   The King is Dead, Long live the king Kjell English
53 24.09.06   Seilbaat til Salgs... Kjell Norsk
52 24.09.06   Sorry for not writing? Kjell English
51 09.07.06   Nesting in TONGA Kjell English
50 06.06.06   The Kingdom of Tonga Kjell English

Chapter Four:                    Single Handling.

      When leaving Tahiti and French Polynesia my good friend Darryl had for obvious reasons (more on this later) signed off and I was alone. Sailing solo is a not really that difficult but it if very, very different. Even though it can be great to have some time for yourself I started to talk to myself on day 5 of the first long passage and were longing for land and people to talk to. 

The Cook islands have in my opinion the nicest people in Polynesia but they have all been very nice so it is hard to judge.

Nr Date Heading / Tema By / Fra Language
49 27.05.06   Niue Yacht Club Kjell English
48 25.05.06   almost over Kjell English
47 17.05.06   Joars letter Joar English
46 15.05.06   Palmerston Kjell English
45 10.04.06   Josephine... Kjell English

Chapter Three:  24 days at sea and Stuck in French Polynesia.


      A Pacific crossing normally has great weather but the distances between ports are long. The longest one is from Galapagos to The Marquesas. Me and Darryl did this 3000 mile sail in 24 days and that is supposed to be fast? Arriving at the 'wrong time' in Polynesia i had to wait there for 6 months before sailing on but i did not mind being stuck in either Tahiti or Bora Bora :-) 

There is a great variety among these letters. Some are written in a haze or very fast and some are serious.

Nr Date Heading / Tema By / Fra Language
44 15.03.06 Bora Bora (Boring Boring?) Kjell English
43 15.03.06 Første Solo-seilas Kjell Norsk
42 25.02.06 Last letter from Tahit, Review Kjell English
41 19.02.06 Killing a StingRay. Kjell English
40 14.02.06 The Infamous Atomic 4 Engine Kjell English
39 27.01.06 Fire in the Gally. Kjell English
38 24.01.06 In Captain Cooks footsteps. Tim & Kjell English
37 08.01.06 30 miles of sailing and lots of cleaning? Tim & Kjell English
36 01.01.06 New Year and new Crew. Tim. Tim & Kjell English
35 20.12.05 Sailing is a bliss... Kjell English
34 20.12.05 Pic. Slideshow to Darryl. Kjell Universal
33 10.12.05 An amateur’s account of sailing Shelly English
32 10.12.05 Pacific Activities Darryl English
31 25.11.05 Marqesas Kjell Norsk
30 12.10.05 Crossing the Pacific Darryl English
29 09.10.05 Galapagos til Marquesas Kjell Norsk
28 09.10.05 Goodbye Galapagos Darryl English


Chapter Two:                      Entering the Pacific.


      Going through the Panama Canal is a milestone for any sailor. Besides being a lot of fun it is also a bit nerve-wrecking and for me this is where I had to make the definitive decision of which way to sail home?. The short way from the Caribbean of the long way across the pacific towards Australia and Africa. 

There are many letters from Galapagos, that is because I stayed there a long time and because it was 'Eden'.

Nr Date Heading / Tema By / Fra Language
27 09.09.05 Loosing the Stern Anchor?. Kjell English
26 28.08.05 Cant seem to leave. Darryl English
25 26.08.05 Mistet Gummibåten igjen?. Kjell Norsk
24 08.08.05 Still at Galapagos Kjell English
23 08.08.05 Fremdeles på Galapagos. Kjell Norsk
22 03.08.05 Survival in Galapagos. Darryl English
21 28.07.05 Reisebrev fra Galapagos Kjell Norsk
20 25.07.05 Evolving in Galapagos. Darryl English
19 19.07.05 Coming to Galapagos. Darryl English
18 19.07.05 Fam. Kastdalen på Galapagos. Kjell  & Joar Norsk
17 16.07.05 Equador til Galapagos. Kjell Norsk
16 15.07.05 Bring on the Storms! Daryl English
15 04.07.05 En  skikkelig Storm Joar / Kos Norsk
14 04.07.05 The Land Divided The World United Darryl English
13 18.06.05 The Panama Canal JoarDarryl/Kos English

Chapter One:               The Adventure Begins.


      Sailing the Caribbean is supposed to be easy and it was. The problem's I had in the Caribbean was mostly because of the engine and my own lack of experience. When me and my Canadian friend Darryl Lehockey boarded the sailboat in Trinidad April 05. it was my second time to set my feet in a sailboat over 24 feet and Darryl's first real sail.

These letters are the first ones and reflects that but they are also among the best because they are honest and written by complete sailing amateurs who are trying their best to be sailors.

Nr Date Heading / Tema By / Fra Language
13 18.06.05 The Panama Canal JoarDarryl/Kos English
12 11.06.05 San Blas, Fishing & Colon Daan/Darryl/Kos English
11 29.05.05 Norsk Reisebrev  Kos Norsk
10 29.05.05 No wind and Sharkfishing! Dan/Darryl / Kos English
9 15.05.05 New Crew. Bonaire to Aruba Dan/Darryl / Kos English
8 10.05.05 Dentists of Bonaire Darryl / Kos English
7 05.05.05 Margarita to Bonaire via Coche & Los Roques Darryl / Kos English
6 25.04.05 Out of gas and no wind. Darryl / Kos English
5 21.04.05 First sail alone & Testigos Darryl / Kos English
4 15.04.05 Bequia to St. Lucia Darryl / Kos English
3 12.04.05 The Reality of Sailing Darryl / Kos English
2 04.04.05 Trinidad Kos Norsk
1 08.01.05 Test tur i sommerferien 2004 Kos Norsk


Letters from Previous Crew.


      These letters are written by previous crew that has signed off. I have been very fortunate and have with one single exception always had great crew. Thank you all for the contribution and help you have given me.

A couple more letters should soon be posted. (Joar you are too late so i am posting the toilet picture again, hehe  ;-)

  Date Heading / Tema By / Fra Language

Leo's friend.




Joars encounter

Joar Kjørrefjord




Adrianna Bermeo




'shelly Brennan

















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