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What does Trafficated mean?


 What does Trafficated mean ???

Trafficated: When there is a lot of traffic on the road.

I find that the English language is missing a word that is 'strong' enough to use without swearing when there is a lot of traffic.  Saying “Man, it was congested today!” does not give the extra punch you would like to have when you are annoyed with the traffic.  You need the extra "cated" on the end of traffic to get the little extra anger out, “Man it was traffiCATED today!” Try saying it with and without trafficated. If you did, you are yet another person to use my word and I am one step closer to making it an official one.  Thanks.

In 1987, I was on a trip in London with my friend Martin. We both spoke fairly good English but, when we didn’t know how to say something we just made up a word that made sense to us. One day, we pulled over on the side of the highway and couldn’t get back into the flow of traffic.  We were stuck.  I was not used to being in all this traffic and told my friend that I thought London was very ‘Trafficated’. We both laughed and continued to use the word throughout the remainder of the trip. Then, I went to Texas in 2001 to see my friend Sherri and I tried it again. People I said it to there laughed also but, they all seemed to understand what it meant.  So now, I have decided to try and make it an official word. I say it as often as I can and keep adding it to online odd-word dictionaries. I am also the proud owner for trafficated.com hehehe. 

Kjell O Stave.


   Luckilly the Ocean is not Trafficated.



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