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1.   How much did you budget to spend?
2.   Was the first year more expensive than you thought.?

1.    I had a hard budget to make because i had things that had to be payed back home but for sailing i budgeted with spending 1000$ dollar pr. month. It has proven to be easy to swing both ways. In places like Isla Margarita in Venezuela where gas is 9 cents a gallon it is easy to save up a bit while French Polynesia with European prices is harder. I would recommend to make a sailing plan that allows you to spend a long time in cheap countries like San Blas, Cartagena or Margarita rather than Aruba and St. Lucia. There is a lot of money to be saved this way but eventually it is up to you and how disciplined you are :-)

     There are all kinds of people out sailing. Those with a big boat will use more on the boat than those with a small boat. An auto pilot for a 52'fotter can easy cost over 3000 dollar while the autopilot for a 29'footer is about 350 dollars. The spending for ordinary people in ordinary boats with ordinary budgets normally vary between 1000 and 1500 dollar pr. month. Normally you save at least 30% by being more than one in the boat. This is very individual and varies a lot but as i said it is up to you to make it. If one does not have an accident or like me have to purchase a new engine everyone can keep a budget.

 Remember that sometimes shit happens. As mentioned i have to get a new engine, this will totally ruin my budget because it is costing a lot more shirts than i had planned to wear this year. To compensate i have decided to spend a long time in Thailand next year where shirts are cheap.

2. Hmm, did my budget for the first year bust?  Well of course but this is expected. When you make a budget it has to be tight and one has to think positive but it should not be a surprise when it fails. If you have a surplus in youer budget you will probably be so happy that you go out and spend the money you should have saved, at least i would so for me it is better to make a tight budget.  


Kjell O. Stave


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